Why 47 Heritage

For decades we played critical roles in the Swiss financial sector and by even expanding our knowledge across a broad spectrum of industries we understand the challenges you face. Yet, as one of the only independent family wealth management companies in Zurich, we know that trust is essential. That is why your experience with us isn’t quite like everywhere else. That means attention to detail, unparalleled privacy of your accounts and providing services that show you, we have your best interests in mind. We are based in Zurich, Davos and St Moritz with an international perspective, poised and ready.

‘understand the importance of a disciplined approach’

Our Managing Partners

Our mission is to manage in a way that ensures the transition of assets from one generation to the next

Matthias Weber

Executive Partner, CIO

Matthias has led key asset management and research professionals for over 25 years, focused on investment strategy, alternative investments and portfolio management.

Claudio Mazzoni

Founder & Executive Partner, CEO

Claudio has 25 years in Swiss banking and has an excellent understanding and broad knowledge of the complexities of Institutional and Private Banking markets. His strategic leadership of investment, asset and risk management have steered multiple successes among peers and major banking markets internationally.

Enea Pronzini

Founder & Executive Partner, CFO

After studying engineering, Enea has served the private banking industry for over 18 years specialising with sophisticated clients, family governance and asset protection. Enea's holistic analytical approach to problem solving has resulted in continued success within the financial industry.