Our services are always tailored to your specific needs and we serve our clients with a straightforward setup and the basic need for good investment advice and ongoing control and management. We can help you plan legal structures and guide you on tax professionals as well as other services, such as: relocation, real estate, art, networking opportunities, medical, and private aviation strategies.


47 Heritage collaborates with all the most important custodian banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein but of course other banks that can also be evaluated and added if required and economically meaningful. We find an optimal set of banks based on your needs, negotiate the relationship and minimise your administrative efforts by ongoing co-ordination and tracking.


Your goals determine our investment proposition. Together we define a tailored investment strategy that is most likely to reach your goals whilst also helping you to sleep well, during times of market turbulence. If sustainability is of vital importance to you we even offer strategies that convert climate change from a threat to an investment opportunity.


Customised investment reporting provides an accurate and concise summary level overview of your consolidated assets across all custodians as well as a detailed analysis across all asset classes and mandates.


We regularly re-align your investment strategy with your financial goals. We provide personalised asset and liability management. Communication is a crucial aspect to successful risk management, and you can feel assured that we are with you every step of the way.


Optimise tax domicile whether it is in Switzerland or somewhere else in close collaboration with local authorities and your accountancy advisors. It could be relocation to various tax domiciles outside Switzerland depending upon your needs. We can support estate planning through an establishment of legal entities, trusts, foundations or other suitable structures (domiciled in the BVI, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, etc.) Optimising wealth transfer strategies to preserve financial legacies and charities.


47 Heritage has a large network of professionals covering all client needs in several jurisdictions. Our experience in the financial sector and with lawmakers around the world will give you a clear and accurate perspective to help you make the most informed decision.


47 Heritage can also support with the sale of art works, the acquisition of luxury goods for example, wines, watches, materials and of course real estate globally.