We interface with many custodian banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and or abroad. It is our role to help you evaluate and added any banking relationships if required.

We begin with a selection of best suited custodians-banking relationships to help you determine the optimal bank/s based on your needs.

We negotiate the best price andcost relationship to optimise your bottomline.

We minimize your administrative efforts by providing the needed information to and by coordinating your interaction with custodians.

We track your overall costs of doing business and build tailored solutions to achieve your goals and protect your privacy throughout.

Our core principles have been built around key experiences and a client centric approach where the investor is in full control and supported by our team.


Our clients are often preoccupied and reach out to 47 Heritage for strategic planning in preserving and growing their wealth. It is our responsibility to be creative and find out your risk tolerance and return expectations, something key to any successful relationship.


Our role is to protect clients against all pitfalls they cannot easily imagine and uphold the client's interests in the cross-fertilization of ideas


The idea of diversification reduces risk while maximizing returns.We understand the importance and benefits of a well-diversified client include; equities, cash, real estate, luxury goods, collectibles, gold, rare earth minerals, art, and more.


We are audited by Grant Thornton Switzerland and adhere to the Swiss national and global standards, associated with the Swiss Association of Asset Managers SAAM.


We collaborate with all the most important custodian banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and begin with a selection of best suited custodians-banking relationships to; we assist you to determine the optimal set of banks based on your needs. We negotiate the best price/cost relation.


We always strive to implement the latest investment concepts and technology, after thorough investigation to ensure highest quality at minimal cost.