Our services depend on your specific needs, and we cater to individuals seeking basic investment advice, and we interface our clients’ needs managing their relationships offering comprehensive family office services. But as we have a well-diversified group of clients, so many share the same needs while others have more specific needs. Hence we can offer our clients financial services, legal, tax and others, such as residency, real estate, networking, medical, aviation, etc. 




47 HERITAGE collaborates with all the most important custodian banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and or abroad can be evaluated and added if required. We begin with a selection of best suited custodians-banking relationships to; we assist you to determine the optimal set of banks based on your needs.  We negotiate the best price/cost relation. We minimize your administrative efforts by providing the needed information to and by coordinating your interaction with custodians. We track your overall costs of doing business.





47 HERITAGE has a large network of professionals covering all client needs in several jurisdictions.





It is often difficult, and clients find it frustrating. We sit down with our clients and provide reports tailored to their needs: link see example (client must input clients our Asking a bank for customization of portfolios, address and contact details customized report provides a summary overview of your consolidated assets as well as detailed analyses of asset classes and mandates compared to their respective strategic asset allocations and benchmarks.


Customized investment report provides an accurate and concise summary overview of your consolidated assets across all custodians as well as detailed analyses across all asset classes and mandates compared to their respective strategic asset allocations.


Situation individualized asset and liability management tailored to your personal our customized report is aimed at providing

relevant information for appropriate decision-making during all stages of our investment process.





What we have learned from our time in the financial sector is the importance of working with various custodians to protect your assets. That's not to say Swiss banks are not safe, but to add another measure of safeguard, we use two-three banks as custodians.

It also gives us a good comparison to better understand execution, and services to ensure our client's quality and standards.


The typical structure we use is as follows;



Step 1. Analysis and Objectives Setting


+ Understanding your unique circumstances.

+ Providing portfolio diagnostics of current assets and liabilities.

+ Helping set and prioritize objectives.


Step 2. Strategy and Portfolio Structure


+ Advising on the most appropriate asset allocation.

+ Defining or aligning the investment strategy.

+ Designing the optimal portfolio structure.


Step 3. Governance and monitoring


+ Better control. over investments

+ Monitoring investments and investment managers

+ Setting up or advising on investment governance





+ Find the optimal Custody Bank according to client needs

+ Negotiate Fees with the banks, brokers, insurance services, etc

+ Organize the account opening process





+ Asset structuring, asset allocation, and portfolio construction

+ Cash flow management

+ Investment management - fully discretionary and semi discretionary Mandates

+ Asset consolidation and reporting

+ Participations and Co-investments - club deals





+ Personal asset and liability management

+ Review of life, property, and casualty insurance to optimize wealth transfer





+ We offer a broad range of services, and in particular, we can customize according to our

clients needs to serve you better and our clients and partner have experience in the following areas:


+ Charity

+ Foundations

+ Residency 

+ Taxation

+ Client custom Mandates

+ Legal Conflicts

+ Luxembourg holdings and other jurisdictions

+ Sale of Art Works

+ Acquisition of luxury goods in auctions, i.e. watches, art, wines, etc. 

+ Real Estate international and domestic

+ Trading in Global Markets